must stay awake.

I’m off to go poach eggs for the first time ever! And to fry these other things that are to resemble donuts. What a glorious breakfast this shall be.

I’m more keen to devour words lately, though. Thanks to Katt & Jen & random facebook groups about literature,  I’m up all night, reading & loving it.  Feeling creative vicariously.

Last week I experimented with just not going to bed on Saturday night. You see, I’m off Sun & Mon and everyone else around here gets up at 4am. Plus, it is ridiculously hot outside.  So by switching my schedule temporarily, I have the opportunity to make breakfast & go on a long walk with Shannon. The only sad thing is the coffee shop does not open until 10am. Seriously. That isn’t right. We have to walk by it and look at it longingly.  We’ll probably hit up Starbucks on the way to San Antonio because I didn’t cold brew any coffee this week. Or I did. But it was decaf. Once I realized that, I just drank it all up. No need to limit myself, you know?

But yeah. I live near a wonderful coffee shop and library. I need to get the timing down.

I want to read McCarthy now. I can think of nothing more lyrical than a Cormac McCarthy novel or a lengthy Brady email.

Oh no. I’m getting tired already. This didn’t happen last week. Ahh.

I’m not sure if I’m doing the whole costume thing for Halloween this year or not. I have no ideas. Before, I would always have ideas. Hmm.

Also, I want to stop being a hermit. It just kind of happened (not having a car and all) and it is a hard habit to break. Even when I want to.

Okay. Time to poach some eggs. For real.


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