Look what someone left outside my front door!

I kind of ordered it, so that helped.

I don’t have a car anymore & I always have to work on days when the farmer’s market is in town. So, I decided to try delivery from the Greenling service.  It’s kind of expensive because there’s a minimum order…However, compared to some of the other services in the area, Greenling is a good way to go.  I don’t HAVE to order a certain number of times a month or anything and can just do it when I want.  And I kind of love getting packages in the mail….So getting good food left at my door is hard to resist. Plus, free recipe magazine things came with it & an Austin Chronicle. Yay.

For my first order, I chose some purple hull peas, radishes, eggs, and of course figs. The best thing ever though, is the milk.  Full fat, pasteurized, non-homogenized milk.  That means there was cream on top.   Bryan and both had a cup together & we were aghast.  “This is what milk is supposed to taste like!?” we exclaimed.  It was so creamy & sweet & something I could get used to, especially in my coffee. Aside from the awesome flavor & frothiness, I learned that milk retains way more vitamins when it isn’t skim & ultra pasteurized.  I read that taking the fat out actually gets rid of most of the vitamins and they have to add them back in.  Hmm.   Anyway, this stuff was delicious. I haven’t had full fat milk since I was probably 5 years old. I can understand why people buy skim & 2%, with all the calories. However, I think if I’m eating a lot of healthy greens & not many processed foods, I can allow myself some good milk like this.  It’s kind of filling anyway, so I’m not really drinking a lot at once.  And speaking of coffee and milk, my coffee maker has been on the fritz so I cold brewed coffee today.  I am all set to be caffeinated for a while!  I used the Pioneer Woman’s instructions and I think next time I’ll maybe use half the amount of coffee & water. I don’t really have room in my fridge for 2 gallons of coffee but I’m not complaining.

Anywhow. Here are some of the other nice things that came in the box (and yes that is my blurry camera strap you see on the bottom right.  I’m kind of a spaz sometimes)

And here’s what I made today.  Wasn’t I just talking about eating so healthy?  And then I make bread stuffed with cheese?

In my defense, there are spinach & apples in it also.

I could find the Samso cheese the recipe calls for, so I used some Emmentaler and Jarlsberg.  The combination of the yeast bread, the cooked apples & the bitter cheese made it kind of fermented tasting, in a good way.


This is probably the most complicated bread I’ve baked so far & it was pretty easy.  I want to get one of those fancy Pullman loaf pans & make some sandwich bread one of these days.  Maybe I had better go back to drinking 2% milk until I’m over this baking obsession 🙂 So many carbs this week! Yum.











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