Chlorophyll the one that you love

My pun was inspired by this rather creepy song:

Creepy but I like it.

A few years back I really wanted a juicer and got one for Christmas. I tried making some mango juice & was so discouraged at the minuscule amount of juice that was produced.  I also tried some apple & carrot juice & was impressed with the flavor but saddened that I would have to buy so much produce to continue to get my fix.

Recently, I watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” & was inspired to try again. Bryan & I were  thinking of having juice  for breakfast a couple of times a week.  At first, the “mean green” juice was kind of icky honestly. After, after a few sips, not so bad.  Very potent. The weird thing is…it reminded me of how bananas taste. Perhaps I’m tasting all the potassium…I don’t really like bananas much though.  We decided to add some organic apple juice to it & that improved things a lot. Plus, I add a little more ginger than the recipe calls for. Bryan doesn’t care for ginger but shh…I don’t think he notices 🙂

So we now love the green juice.  A close second for me is one with blackberries, pineapple, pears, kiwi, mint leaves & young coconut juice. Yum!

What are your favorite juicing recipes?  Please share them!


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