You say “tomato,” I say “Solanum lycopersicum”…

Not really.  But try saying that 3 times. It’s actually kind of fun.

It all started here.   My parents have been gardening for years.  I enjoyed helping pick vegetables or black berries when I was a little kid. My favorite job was snapping the string beans. I remember one time I was being a pain & my mom told me to go argue with the fence post. (Maybe that’s an East Texas saying, I’m not sure?) Anyhow, I was 5 or 6 and remember thinking she was speaking of the post out in the garden with the hat hanging on it. A fence post man? Anyhow, I was a lucky kid to grow up with the gardening stuff. Once I even planted a sunflower and it grew to be taller than me!  I think that was the only time in my life I planted something and had it survive. Well, except for the time I buried a pecan in the flower bed and it kept trying to grow into a tree. I got into a bit of trouble for that one.

Lately, my parents are only gardening every other year.  Just about everything they grow is for the salsa (except the blackberries, that is). My mom tells me the recipe is a simple one, that it was in a booklet that came with the pressure cooker. I don’t believe her though. I think she got creative, like she does with everything else and added extra stuff that she wouldn’t ever remember to write down.  Extra magical mom stuff. And then of course, my dad added extra brown sugar this year. Yum.

It is hands down THE best salsa I’ve ever tasted.  It is sweet & a little spicy and kind of soupy -but the soupiness is not a bad thing.  It goes perfectly with really thin tortilla chips. Or, I like to add a few spoonfuls to make a tasty meal out of a can of pinto beans.  My dad likes it best with Ritz Crackers?  I’m a dessert fanatic but would rather have this salsa w/ some chips any and every day.  I think I’ve seen my dad just eat it from the jar before. I would be lying if I said I haven’t snuck a spoonful.

Fortunately my parents have boxes of it. Still, it won’t last the year.

Even after the salsa is made, there are still plenty of tomatoes left in the garden. I was given these. I had hoped to make fried green tomatoes but I procrastinated & they all turned red.

What’s a girl to do with 40 tomatoes?!

Hmm… I bet Molly would know.

Slow-roasted tomatoes? That’s a great idea, Molly. Thanks!

Pac-Men tomatoes!

And there they are, 6 hours later. My house smells amazing at this point.

Look at that! Glistening & delicious & so very sweet. Such a burst of flavor.  These made the best pasta sauce.  And I got to freeze some for later. Hooray!

And then I just smeared the tomato on the bread & devoured it before I remembered the basil and mozzarella. Oh well. Still the best snack ever. Thanks mom & dad!


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One response to “You say “tomato,” I say “Solanum lycopersicum”…

  1. Mom

    At a risk of being corny…….I really LOVE you!!!!! I just now found this website & I so…..enjoyed reading. Once again, I LOVE you…You are my sunshine!

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