Happy Fourth!

So guess what?  Going to the grocery store in the morning has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. I’m serious.  I’m so accustomed to going between 11pm-1am, when the one available checkout lane is always long, the cashiers are tired and my fellow customers are pushy.

Yesterday morning was a magical experience.  We were out of everything so I spent a lot, which is never fun.  However, a stocker joked with me about the puzzled look on my face as I searched in vain for cardamom pods.  (I wanted to make some chai).  A friendly older man  in the produce section told me I had pretty hair when I apologized for getting in his way. Best of all,  I was first in the checkout lane! The cashier made small talk about what kind of dog I had because she was observant & noticed I was purchasing dog treats.  It’s the little things that can make you happy sometimes.  Since Bryan & I now have opposite schedules and see each other for maybe 30 minutes a day, having contact with the outside world every now and then is truly wonderful…especially when the outside world is friendly for a change.

That being said, Happy 4th of July everyone in the outside world!  My holiday is not very traditional this year. No fire-works due to the “high risk of wildfires” and the lack of rain for over a month now?  Instead of grilling or having a BBQ,  I made some Indian food today. I found some recipes in Molly Wizenberg’s wonderful book so I attempted her husband’s chana masala recipe  and then for desert, a pistachio & honeyed apricot cake.  I decided to make both of those & then I also stumbled across directions for making homemade chai.   Yum.  I also made kolaches (or technically, klobasneks) for the week  – half are spinach and cheese & half are ham & cheese.  I’ve started making about 3 dozen every Monday so that we can eat them for breakfast all week.  Or for another meal if we’re feeling extra lazy one day 🙂  I will include the recipe on here sometime soon but it has been a very long day. A long and satisfying day of cooking & jamming out to Cream, especially this lovely song.

There it is. My favorite book lately. Oh and my very favorite tomatoes, courtesy of my parents’ garden.

And the chana masala  is the first  Indian food recipe I’ve attempted  & dare I say that it was better than what I’ve had in restaurants around here?  Great recipe.  One day, probably far into the future, I want to try to make Palak Paneer. It seems like it would be very difficult to make paneer…However, not according to the internet, so who knows?

Mmm buttery goodness.

Oh and dear readers, I have a question for you.  My bank used to award points for stuff. And I have quite a few saved up.  I can’t earn anymore unfortunately so it’s time to redeem them. I can either do a gift card to home depot or to Amazon.  If you know me, you probably know of my love for Amazon shopping. There is so much lovely music, reading material & tea I could purchase.  We’re talking almost a $200 gift card here.  My other option, that seems more sensible, would be to use these points toward a gift card at Home Depot & purchase a small freezer. I could make soups & pie crusts & store all kinds ot things to make cooking simpler.  When my parents offer me venison & pork and things from their garden, I could take them up on these offers! I could have ice on hand at all times.  I’ve never had a deep freezer before though & have heard that the smaller ones aren’t as energy efficient?  Do any of you have one & know if this is true or not? I’m faced with a tough choice here.  As much as I love Amazon, I feel like I don’t need more stuff.   I have too many books/cds to cart around everytime I move as it is.  I feel like I should live more simply. And while a freezer would still be more stuff in my house, it would be kind of useful?

Oh, my other option though is a refurbished IPOD.  But I can always listen to pandora or blip.fm or something right?  I don’t even have a car anymore or get to take long trips…soo…while I would love having all my music in one place, it seems kind of frivolous. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, here’s the cake.  I wanted to make it in my Silicon bundt pan thing instead of a normal cake pan.  I had issues with it sticking though so the cake was not that pretty. But the tartness of the apricot with the honey flavor is wonderful!


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  1. I think you’re right about this weekend restoring our faith in humanity. I was considering how weird it was myself. Little Man and I walked to the grocery store (right around the corner from us), and a woman offered us her shopping cart in the parking lot. While I was in the store another woman mentioned how much she liked my awesome “I’m a Pepper!” shirt. THEN, on the way home, another woman pulled over and asked if Little Man and I wanted a ride “cuz it’s so BLOOMING HOT out here” and she had a car seat. I think the universe was taking a cleansing breath this weekend. People can be nice, I just don’t notice it a lot cuz I put my “sour mood face” on in public.

    Oh, and you should research the energy efficient freezers. If you find one, nab it! If not, reward yourself for preventing a potentially large carbon footprint by buying something that produces no waste. Music is the language of the soul, afterall. Love you, grrrl!

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