Please witness my office being all clean & stuff. It may be very temporary!

My office got a makeover.

I’ve lived in the duplex a year now, so I figured it might finally be time to decorate =)

The desk area is still kind of messy. Most of those photos are of trees. I kind of have a thing for trees.

This is my favorite section.  The hippo art on the left is from Austin’s Art from the Streets, a volunteer-run program where homeless artists can take art classes & then each year, on a weekend in November, they can sell their creations.  It is pretty interestingl.  The cool  & kind of ominous painting on the top is an original by a friend from college, the very talented J. Ashley Greenwood. The painting on the bottom right is some sort of surrealist painting I did back in the day. The coffee can on top of the right book shelf is kind of hard to see. It is an old Folger’s metal coffee can. Back in the late 80’s these existed as some sort of special promotion.  I kept it under my bed & put all my secret treasures inside.  I used to have nightmares about the lion though. The lion seriously creeped me out.

Here are some close up photos that other people have posted on flickr:

Yay, a window!  This is the window from where I watch the squirrels & birds.  There are lots of both.

From left to right: dead or dying cactus (I am a murderer of plants & cause them to die slow, painful deaths), a wooden figurine thing of a traveler? that I scavenged from my last job -(On our last day, a guy cleaned out his office & left it in the hall),  photograph of my grandmother when she was young, rose thing I gave my grandmother for mother’s day when I was very young, photo of my sister – age 10 or something?, my space-dog! (created in college art class out of random parts I found in my parents’ shed),  spiritual icon thing my friend gave me, another photo of my sister. Let’s not forget the keyhole clock below the window. That thing is super cool, though it does need a new battery.

Also, a very awesome breakfast is on my desk here.  I promise that I did not eat all of those cookies for breakfast. Just a few. They are springerle & are dry cookies (but slightly softer & with just a hint of moistness in the middle) & they usually taste like licorice or anise. I’ve heard that sometimes people make them citrus flavored. That sounds good too but I have yet to try it.   No one I know likes these cookies because of the licorice flavor so that means more for me =)  They are perfect with a bit of Earl Grey tea. They are from here, Naeglin’s bakery, the oldest bakery in Texas.

That is all for now.


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