trying something new..

Anyone ever roast a duck before?  I tried it out recently, using these very detailed instructions:

At first I was going to try a recipe w/ plum sauce or maybe the orange sauce that came with it. However, Bryan really loves Sriacha & I love honey – so Jessie’s recipe sounded better!  I was thinking of making it as a surprise on the anniversary of our first date. However, I forgot when that was.. I had to look up Bob Dylan’s archived tour dates & discovered that’s not until mid-April. I  didn’t want to wait until mid-April!  Plus, at some point, Bryan would probably notice the huge frozen duck in my freezer.

So, I decided to try it.

It was my first attempt so I didn’t get the skin as crispy as I would have liked. That was probably because my knives are all really dull & I didn’t score the skin as well as I should have.

The sauces was really good though so it more than made up for the lack of crispiness.  It was a fun experiment. It turns out, duck is not my favorite thing ever. Bryan really liked it so I’ll probably make it again.  I’ll definitely make the sauce again soon though. I will probably enjoy it more with chicken & some kind of stir fried dish. Yum.


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