a week of excitement & destruction!

Dining from a coffee table (or, let’s be honest here – a desk) is much more challenging when you get a new dog!

Shannon is doing well though. She had some anxiety issues at first but it has been 10 days since we brought her home & she can now sleep in her crate without me having to sleep on the couch beside her!  Hooray.  She is a clever, clever dog though. After first  installing the gate that blocked the stairs, she managed to jump between the stair rails. She broke the bottom plastic tray out of her crate &  later knocked down the gate.  However, her crate is now safer without the plastic & she usually doesn’t mess with the gate if one of us are in the room. We  also took her to the vet last week & OMG this place is nicer than any of my doctor’s offices.  It’s called  Zoot Pets. They brew Starbucks coffee in the lobby &  the architecture is so pretty with all the giant windows.

We also bought Shannon this toy 2 days ago. (It’s tested on tigers & supposedly great for dogs that destroy other toys).  I bought a similar one last year for Bryan’s Jack-Russel terrier (Buster)  & the toy lasted 1 month, which is pretty great for him.  The one we bought Shannon is supposedly stronger but she chewed a hole in the octopus’s head today. Yep. Stuffing everywhere. But this thing has 7 layers, so maybe it will make it 1 month. We shall see.

Look mom, Brains!

She definitely enjoyed playing with it but I can’t afford to buy a new one of these just so she can try & eat the stuffing 2 days later.

Speaking of eating.. I made an interesting pizza this week. I haven’t had time to make it to the store in quite a while so I had to throw some things together. My mom is good at that. I’ve never been good at that, but the result was awesome! We had a pizza with spinach, collard greens, a little bacon &  pepperjack & feta cheese. I didn’t really have anything to make the sauce w/ because red sauce just doesn’t seem right for pizza with so many green veggies.  Or is that just me being weird?  So instead of sauce, I just put some finely chopped garlic & pepperjack cheese on the crust, vegetables on top of that & more cheese on top. Yum.

Later this week I’m going to try making Swiss steak for the first time & a matcha poundcake for dessert.  Yum =)

This was Tuesday’s dinner:

(Please ignore my messy kitchen.)

Yum!  The recipe (Butternut Squash & Poblano Gratin) is courtesy of the good people at Our Life in Food.  It wasn’t what I expected but I definitely enjoyed it. I think Bryan liked it more than me. (I was starving & had to snack a lot whilst cooking, so that’s probably why).  But Bryan normally appreciates meat being a part of his meals so the fact that he loved it kind of attests to its greatness.




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